Top 5 Most Common Christmas Present For Ladies


Top 5 : Watches

Watches not only can be present during Valentine Day. You may buy a set of couple watch as Christmas present !



Top 4 : Teddy Bear

Deep inside every girl's heart, they wish to stay young. Get her a fluffy teddy bear to make her feel warm when hugging it !

Top 3 : Chocolate

On a beautiful Christmas eve night, a bouquet of roses with a box of chocolate is good enough to make your love ones flutter :)


Top 2 : Fragrance

Dior, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade and etc are some of the fragrance that are most commonly bought as christmes gift.


Top 1 : Jewelry

The last and the the most popular present goes to jewelry! Lots of people will gift jewelries as present because mostly ladies will love it.



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