What is Solitaire Jewelry?

What is Solitaire Jewelry?


What is Solitaire Jewelry?

In jewelry context, solitaire is used to describe a single diamond or gemstone set into piece of jewelry. We apply the generic word to any item of jewelry holding a single stone- a solitaire diamond pendant displays a single diamond.
The list of most popular solitaire are round solitaire, princess solitaire, emerald cut solitaire, oval solitaire, marquise solitaire and heart solitaire.
Round Solitaire

Princess Solitaire


Emerald Solitaire



Oval Solitaire



Marquise Solitaire


Heart Solitaire


What is diamond solitaire?

This style features a single diamond on a plain band. Usually, the diamond is held in either a trellis setting (interwoven prongs)
a basket setting (four to six prongs holding the diamond in a basket shape).
A non-traditional solitaire engagement ring can also have much smaller stones set into the ring’s band or on either side of the center diamond.

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