TOP 3 Must-Know before Buying a Gold Jewelry

TOP 3 Must-Know before Buying a Gold Jewelry


Gold has always regarded as the ultimate in luxury, and it will never run out of fashion trend. It is the most favorite precious metal in the world as it is a great hedge against inflation and falling markets. Below are the top 3 key knowledge that every junior gold shopper need to know before buying a gold jewelry.

1. Have sufficient knowledge about the carat. 

Carat is the measure of purity. The most common carats are 18K, 22K and 24K. The higher the number, the higher the purity of the gold. 18K represent 75% of gold, 22K represent 916 (91.6%), which is one of the most popular in gold jewelry. 24K represent full gold, or pure gold jewelry, which the jewelry contains of 99.9% of gold.      

2. Color of Gold

Gold can be created into difference color such as white gold, rose gold, green or black by combining pure gold and other metals. For example, pure gold mixing with white metal such as silver creates white gold. 

3. Price

It is determined by the purity of the gold, designs and amount of labor skill that requires for making the jewelry.  


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