Summer Jewellery Pairing Ideas #1

In a season filled with the tropical heat, we’re all in for a new style fit for the Summer! So in this series, we’re sharing ideas on how you can turn your summer style up a notch!


First up, let’s start with the necklace. When we think about a style that pairs well no matter the occasion, the Oceane Necklace is an all-time favourite for many Celovisfams as it has different colours to match your personality. Looking for elegance? The iconic pink is a great choice. Feeling passionate for summer? The red is sure to represent your summer fever! Be adventurous about it.



Now, up next, fingers are often times a part which we leave out. It's crazy how a ring makes all the difference in style. Not to mention, it tells a story and gives little details about you as a person. The dainty Loretta Ring is a perfect suit for the summer combo as the 3 bands express a simple and timeless design to match any of your outfits yet still carry that elegant flair.


Simple, timeless, that's all it matters!



If you ever feel you could go further, a bracelet can be an excellent addition. As the we make a lot of hand movements when we express ourselves, a bracelet compliments our motions as we're trying to tell a story. The best part? We specially selected the Lukas Mini Medallion Bracelet as the exclusive you can get for a complete set!



Now that we shared a bit of how you can pair your jewellery, let’s see what you come up with for your OOTD with the Summer collection!