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General Questions

Q: What is the material of your jewelry?
A: Most of our jewelries are made by IMPORTED TITANIUM which is a type of natural metal with incredible value for jewelry. It is corrosion-resistant but try to avoid from chemical substance. 


Q: Is your engraving service free or charged?
A: We provide complimentary engraving service for all CELOVIS customers. However, we only can do engraving on the jewelries which have enough space.


Q: How long will I receive the items after placed order?
A: Within 7days.


Q: I need it badly in these days, is it possible to arrange same day delivery for me?
A: Same day delivery only available for KL,Selangor and Cheras area. 


Q: Do you provide international delivery?
A: Yes, we do.

Q: How can I entitle the lifetime warranty and what is the T&C?
A: Our lifetime warranty is to guarantee that our jewelries will not turn rusty. The exchange-warranty only available for 1 time and we do not accept returns and refunds. To entitle the lifetime warranty, you may contact



Q: What is C-Point?
A: Celovis Point (C-Point) is our reward system created to reward our Celovisfam Club (CFC) member with more benefits.


Q: How do I earn C-Point?
A: Every RM1 you spent on Celovis earns you 1 C-Point or you can complete simple task to fast-track your C-Point earning. Click here to see more rewards.


Q: Can C-Point be converted to cash?
A: No. All C-Point cannot be converted into cash.


Q: How do I become a Titanium VIP or Gold Elite member?
A: In order to become a Gold Elite Member, you will need to spend accumulated RM1,800 after signing up for CFC. To become a Titanium VIP Member, you will need to spend accumulated RM4,500. There is no expiration for tier status. In other words, is a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP! Once you are a Titanium VIP Member, is forever a Titanium VIP Member!


Q: How do I check my C-Point balance?
A: Click the ‘Celovis Rewards’ that displays at the right side, you will then see your C-Point balance at top right.


Q: How many time I can redeem C-Point for post or story tagging per day?
A: The C-Point redemption is limited to per day per once.