General Questions

Q: What is the material of your jewelry?
A: Most of our jewelries are made by IMPORTED TITANIUM which is a type of natural metal with incredible value for jewelry. It is corrosion-resistant but try to avoid from chemical substance. 


Q: Is your engraving service free or charged?
A: We provide complimentary engraving service for all CELOVIS customers. However, we only can do engraving on the jewelries which have enough space.


Q: How long will I receive the items after placed order?
A: Within 7days.


Q: I need it badly in these days, is it possible to arrange same day delivery for me?
A: Same day delivery is only available for certain areas in Klang Valley. You will see the option in the shipping section after inserting your address in the checkout page. If the address you inserted is not eligible for same-day delivery, you will not see the option.


Q: What is the cut-off time for same day delivery orders?
AYou will need to place your order before 12pm for the same-day delivery service. If your order is placed after 12pm, we will arrange delivery on the next working day.


Q: What if the item I ordered is not in stock and I need it today?
A: We will contact you to inform that the item you ordered is not in stock, you can choose another design for the delivery.


Q: Do you provide international delivery?
A: Yes, we do.

Q: How can I entitle the lifetime warranty and what is the T&C?
A: Our lifetime warranty is to guarantee that our jewelries will not turn rusty. The exchange-warranty only available for 1 time and we do not accept returns and refunds. To entitle the lifetime warranty, you may contact



Q: What is C-Point?
A: Celovis Point (C-Point) is our reward system created to reward our Celovisfam Club (CFC) member with more benefits.


Q: How do I earn C-Point?
A: Every RM1 you spent on Celovis earns you 1 C-Point or you can complete simple task to fast-track your C-Point earning. Click here to see more rewards.


Q: Can C-Point be converted to cash?
A: No. All C-Point cannot be converted into cash.


Q: How do I become a Titanium VIP or Gold Elite member?
A: In order to become a Gold Elite Member, you will need to spend accumulated RM1,800 after signing up for CFC. To become a Titanium VIP Member, you will need to spend accumulated RM4,500. There is no expiration for tier status. In other words, is a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP! Once you are a Titanium VIP Member, is forever a Titanium VIP Member!


Q: How do I check my C-Point balance?
A: Click the ‘Celovis Rewards’ that displays at the right side, you will then see your C-Point balance at top right.


Q: How many time I can redeem C-Point for post or story tagging per day?
A: The C-Point redemption is limited to per day per once.