CNY Jewellery Designs You May Love

When it comes to CNY many are looking to get apparel that relates to CNY. It's common to see the Cheongsam and Samfu (for men) at dinner and on your IG feed.


What makes it better are the accessories they pair it with. So today we're going to share with you some of the CNY designs you might love (even if it's just for the festive season).


Fortune Mini Abacus Chain Necklace

Related to wealth, the abacus is revered by many business people to "attract more sales". As jewellery, it's dainty for a staple CNY piece. The delicate and modern portrayal paired with the meaning behind this piece makes this one of Celovis' bestsellers.


Golden Lucky Coin Necklace

Head or tail, this golden coin brings luck and fortune. A reversible pendant necklace accented by the zirconia in between that brims with elegance. It's like Oreo but in luxurious gold that brings prosperity!





Blessed "Hulu" Longevity Bracelet

Shaped in the auspicious bottle gourd, believed to absorb negative energy around the wearer. The unique and dainty style that allows wearing for everyday occasion makes it one of Celovis' bestsellers. 



Miracle & Blessing "Shou" Earrings

Designed after the "Shou" amulet that represents longevity and good health. Now with a modern twist, it could be the gift that grants a wish for long life made elegant for your CNY and everyday occasion.



Lock of Wellbeing & Prosperity -  S925 Limited Edition

The Ru Yi lock is a symbol of "locking in" good luck and prosperity for the wearer. One of Celovis' premium S925 limited edition design that is designed intricately to bring out the most elegant side of the wearer.