What is 18k Gold?

What is 18k Gold?
Pure gold are 24 karat. So, one 1 karat is equivalent to 1/24 gold or 4.167% gold. 18k gold is made up 75% of gold 25% other metals such as silver, copper and zinc. Higher the karat of gold means the gold content in the jewelry is higher. 18k gold are said to be softer and less durable than 14k, 12k, and 10k gold because it is mixed with lesser percentage of other metals.

The Current price of 18k Gold

The price now is 812.55 USD per ounce which is RM3557.02. One ounce is equals to 28.35gram.

What is 18k Gold Plated?

Gold-plated jewelry is created using an electro-chemical process that places a layer of gold on some base metal. The price is relatively lower compared to 18k gold-filled jewelry. Thus,18k gold plated jewelries are one of the most popular jewelry in the market now. It is able to bring out the elegance of gold-filled jewelry at a very affordable price.


Are there Any Difference between 18k Gold Filled and 18k Gold Plated?

Yes, there are some differences between 18k gold filled and gold plated jewelry.

1. 18k gold filled jewelry will have their manufacturer trademark on it while 18k gold plated does not have that.

2. 18k gold filled jewelry's colour will not fade by time because the whole jewelry, from in to out are made up from 100% 18k gold. On the other hand, 18k gold plated will fade off by time as it is coated with 18k gold layer. 

3. 18k gold filled jewelry price is at least 10 times more expensive than 18k gold plated jewelry, which you rarely can differentiate both from naked eye.  


CELOVIS 18k Gold Plated Jewelry   

CELOVIS 18k gold plated jewelries are coated with 3 layers of authentic 18k gold. This makes our jewelries last longer as compared to most of the jewelries in the market that coated with only one layer. With the proper jewelry care guidance, it can helps your jewelry last even more longer. Each of our jewelry comes with a complimentary jewelry polishing cloths, which helps our customer to clean their CELOVIS jewelries at their convenient.  



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