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What are the differences between 18K Gold Plated and 24K Gold Plated?

Written by Chong Jean Yee


Posted on November 20 2015

How to differentiate between 18K Gold Plated and 24K Gold Plated?

We have discussed on 18k gold plated and 24k gold plated in the earlier post. But are you curious on the differences of this two gold? Today we will give you some tips on how to identify this two gold on jewelry 




How do we differentiate with naked eyes?

24K Gold jewelry is always vivid bright yellow while 18K Gold jewelry is a little bit duller due to the mixed alloy. 



               24K Gold Plated Anklet                                            18K Gold Plated Bracelet


        24K Gold Plated Dolphin Pendant                            18K Gold Plated Duocolour Pendant


So, now you can easily differentiate 24K gold and 18K gold in the jewelry shops!