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Lifetime Warranty Policy

For the purchase of any new Celovis Jewellery you will receive a digital authenticity card (e-warranty card). If customer ordered multiple pieces of jewelleries under the same order number, customer will only receive one (1) piece of warranty card. Customer can register their warranty at Celovis Jewellery official website, and enjoy the warranty worldwide. E-warranty card guarantees the purchase date and authenticity of your jewels, covering manufacturing defects and lifetime warranty. For jewels purchased prior to the launch of the digital authenticity card program, the authenticity paper certificate is still valid and covers lifetime warranty, but it must be presented together with the original proof of purchase to be valid.


Lifetime Warranty Policy 

  • Celovis Lifetime Warranty allowed our customer to enjoy unlimited free repair service for a lifetime (excluded spare part). This warranty is valid for the metal of our jewellery and it is only applicable for Celovis Titanium Jewellery Series. This warranty is only applicable if our metal turns rusty. Customer will enjoy a new piece of Celovis jewellery with no additional cost on customer if rusty issue found, even it is after 20 years from the date of purchase.  
  • For case of manufacturer defect, wrong merchandise sent and size issues, customer have seven (7) calendar days to return and exchange from the date of received according to the courier tracking. To be eligible for the return, the return and exchange item must be unused and in the exact same condition upon received. The merchandise must be in the original packaging and have the receipt or proof of purchase. The merchandise must also well packed and secured with bubble wrap if customer would like to courier it to our office.
  • If the returned merchandise included packaging box received at Celovis Jewellery office has compressed during shipping, Celovis Jewellery is not responsible to exchange a new packaging box for customer. Customer is required to pay an additional fees to purchase Celovis Jewellery official box and paper bag set if needed.
  • Once we received your returned merchandise, we will carefully examine the defected merchandise and determine if the above criteria is met. Once approved, we will ship out your replacement item at no additional charge within 10 business days.  
  • Both way shipping fees is borne by Celovis Jewellery in case of wrong item sent, and defective item reported within seven (7) days only from the date of received. 
  • For jewellery reported defect after seven (7) days and within 1 month from the date of received, it is considered as human-caused defect. Customer is required to borne both way courier fees (if applicable) for exchange or repair. In a case if the returned jewellery is beyond the capability of repair, Celovis Jewellery will exchange a new piece of same color and same design jewellery as per purchased for customer. If the particular design has been discontinued, customer will be entitled to choose a new jewellery that has the same value as per purchased. 
  • Date of received is according to courier tracking number record.
  • Customer is responsible to born both way of courier shipping fees (if applicable) for any repair service. Customer can also choose to drop-off at our retails and office.
  • The consequences of normal wear and tear, and the ageing of a piece of jewellery (included plating) does not cover under this warranty.
  • Damage resulting from accidents, from neglect or from inappropriate or abusive use of a piece of jewellery does not cover under this warranty.
  • Damage resulting from repairs or dismantling not undertaken by a Celovis Jewellery authorize repairer. 
  • Loss or theft of the jewellery in part or its entirety does not cover under this warranty. 
  • Lost of stones or any elements from the jewellery required an additional cost on spare-part for repair service. 
  • If a defect is discovered, the jewellery must be returned to Celovis Jewellery for inspection. Celovis Jewellery alone will determine if the defect is due to normal wear or extraordinary circumstances. 
  • When jewellery under the lifetime warranty is sent to the Celovis Jewellery office, it will be inspected only by Celovis Jewellery management who will determine whether any repairs are needed. 
  • Celovis Jewellery will report to the customer any necessary repair required, prior to implementing the repairs. Celovis Jewellery will be sure to inform the customer if the repair does or does not fall within the bounds of the warranty.
  • If it is determined that the jewellery has been damaged outside the bounds of the warranty, the customer will be held liable to pay for exchange, repair and spare part cost.
  • Due to the nature of fashion jewellery, Celovis Jewellery will not be liable for damage to any chains that break on pendants, necklaces, and bracelets.
  • Celovis Jewellery will not be held liable for the jewellery and parts thereof, which may require repair or replacement due to normal wear or extraordinary wear.
  • In a case if the defective jewellery is beyond the capability of repair, Celovis Jewellery will report to the customer and provide an offers and solution.
  • By purchasing the jewellery from Celovis Jewellery, the customer has agreed to the terms of this warranty, without the need to sign an agreement to the warranty.
  • Celovis Jewellery reserves the right to reject any returns that do not comply with the conditions stated above.



It is only by purchasing a piece of jewellery at a Celovis Jewellery official website, stores and authorize dealers that its authenticity can be guaranteed. Similarly, only authentic Celovis Jewellery jewel pieces are eligible for repairs.


Care Instruction

Your Celovis Jewellery jewel is a precious and refined piece. By taking a few precautions in using and maintaining it, you will be able to preserve its original beauty over time.

  • Store your jewellery separately in a tarnish-resistant jewellery box or jewellery pouch and keep it away from abrasive surfaces.
  • Your jewellery should be cleaned regularly. You can use a very soft brush and soapy water to clean it, then rinse your piece with clean lukewarm water. However, this cleaning method is only applicable for plain metal design.
  • Never soak mother of pearl and jewellery with full of stones in water and rub them harshly. Instead, wipe them with a clean microfiber or lint-free cotton cloth that has been dampened in lukewarm soapy water. Then pat dry.
  • Handle jewellery with love and care, especially freshwater cultured pearls, mother of pearl, glass charms and charms made entirely of a stone (with a metal core). Be extra careful not to drop them on the floor or knock them against hard surfaces as this could hurt their delicate structures.
  • Consider removing your jewellery before going to sleep, practicing any sport, washing your hands or using corrosive products. Limit and avoid contact with Fragrance, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia, chlorine and keep your pieces away from intense sources of heat and extreme temperature changes.
  • Prevent damage or loss of your jewels by storing them individually in their original box or pouch after wearing them; contact with other jewellery pieces could cause scratches. Chains should be closed and laid flat to avoid their becoming tangling.
  • If your jewellery suffers a shock or hit, the stone setting may need to be checked. Avoid forcing clasps, joints and metal frames and be sure to check that the clasp and safety latch close properly. If you have any concerns, you should not wear your jewel until you have had it checked by an expert from a Celovis Jewellery.
  • Plating on metal does naturally fade over time, this is normal wear and tear, not defect. But how quickly this happen is down to how you look after your jewellery. The best thing to do is follow the protection and cleanin instructions we mention.


After Sales Service

All Celovis Jewellery points of sale listed on our website in the section "Store Location" are entitled to receive your Celovis jewellery for after sales service purposes. Should you have any question, you can contact us via email or by phone (+60) 3- 8408 1880 during Monday to Friday, Malaysia time 10am - 7pm.