"From the Chest Down, I'm Totally Paralysed"

As a brand that empowers women, we do our best in spreading messages that inspire others.

Sometimes, it is stories like what you are about to read that in turn, inspire us to strive harder.

This is a story about an unbreakable friendship from one of our Celovisfam.

She quoted:

"Actually I got an accident last year and just waiting for my case to finish...

I had a very bad accident that injured my spine badly..so from chest to down I'm totally paralysed..so last Mother's day I ordered ur Mother's day promo for myself...and I was in touch with Ms Aina as the bracelet that was included in the promo was out of stock so I just decided to change with that bracelet and I so love it...

So it gives me the idea of giving this kind of bracelet as a token of my appreciation to them as they never left my side during my downfall..they lift me up when I'm almost want to give up with all those pains,surgeries and the fact that I can never walk again because of my spinal injury

But anwayz I'm always looking for the brighter side and life must go on no matter what happened to us..."

We're beyond grateful for her time and effort for the genuine message.

So after that, she decided to get the bracelets for a meaningful farewell party.

"I will need it before 4th of June..as they will have a farewell party for me and in return I want to surprise them with these..."


*Infinity Endless Love Bracelet for their never-ending friendship


"Hi Ms.Cammy, my friends love the bracelet sooo much."

As she's reminiscing the memories and moments with her friends in laughter and tears, her experience reminded us that in life, we can have many friends. Those that come and go, and those that are invaluable.

In her case, it was a friendship unlike any other.

While this does bring a smile to our faces, we also wish her a bright future ahead after her spinal surgery.

Again, we thank you for sharing this with us.

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