Sophie Floral Bracelet
Sophie Floral Bracelet
Sophie Floral Bracelet
Sophie Floral Bracelet


Sophie Floral Bracelet

RM219.00 MYR
Sophie Floral Bracelet is inspired by the natural beauty of Daisy flower.
These 7 daisy flowers on the bracelet are easily enhance it's sense of delicate, make it a definite perfect gift for self and your loved one.  


22 cm circumference to fit most wrists size, and match most style,
taking you effortlessly from day to night. 



This bracelet is crafted from CELOVIS’s signature metal – German Imported Titanium, to create an iconic and classic designs that will never let you to go out of style. This undeniable elegance establish the piece that easily light up your every look to perfection. 


Jewelry Details:
Length:  22 cm
Size Fits: Fit most wrist size
Color: Rose Gold
Material: German Imported Titanium 
Warranty: Lifetime (Guarantee Will Not Turn Rusty)