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Maisie Dainty Pearl Adjustable Slider Clasp Bracelet


Rose Gold

Why Choose Celovis Titanium Jewellery?

  • Celovis Titanium guarantees your jewellery will not tarnish & rust over time and is also corrosion-resistant.
  • It does not bend or break easily and is also hypoallergenic/ safe for sensitive skin as well.
  • Celovis Titanium is the BEST Jewellery Gift for people who are having a hard time to get the right jewellery that will not cause allergic to their precious skin.
  • Celovis Titanium offers Lifetime Warranty for all of our clients because we are confident in our material used as it is incredibly strong and durable.
Jewellery Details:
Pendant : 1cm x 1cm
Bracelet Length : 22cm
Color: Silver
Material: Imported Titanium, Imitation Pearl
Warranty: Lifetime (Guarantee Will Not Turn Rusty)
Engravable: No