Emma 18K Rose Gold Numeric Necklace
Emma 18K Rose Gold Numeric Necklace
Emma 18K Rose Gold Numeric Necklace

Emma 18K Rose Gold Numeric Necklace

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CELOVIS Emma 18K Rose Gold Numeric Necklace represents two colour in a different side of the pendant which is black and white.No matter which side you wear it is easy to light up your style to trendy and sophisticated! You should be more like "Emma", to enhance your sense of style, Emma 18K Rose Gold Numeric Necklace is definitely your best choice!

The meaning of "Emma" in the Urban Dictionary is a really beautiful, confident girl who strives to succeed at everything. She's sometimes a goody-two-shoes ( someone is always on the side that is "good" and never taking a chance of being "bad")


Jewellery Details

Pendant : 2.3cm

Chain : 42cm + 5cm

Colour: Black, White

Material: Imported Titanium 

Warranty: Lifetime (Guarantee Will Not Turn Rusty)

Engravable: No 


What is Titanium Metal? 

Titanium is a type of natural metal with incredible value for jewellery.


Why Choose Celovis Titanium Jewellery?

  • Celovis Titanium guarantees your jewellery will not tarnish& rust over time and is also corrosion-resistant.
  • It does not bend or break easily and is also hypoallergenic/ safe for sensitive skin as well.
  • Celovis Titanium is the BEST Jewellery Gift for people who are having a hard time to get the right jewellery that will not cause allergic to their precious skin.
  • Celovis Titanium offers Lifetime Warranty for all of our clients because we are confident in our material used as it is incredibly strong and durable.