STEP BY STEP GUIDING to Pay with PAYPAL (For PayPal Invoice only)

HOW TO CHECK OUT my Shopping Cart with PayPal? 

When you received an invoiced issued by CELOVIS from PayPal, how to check out by just a few simple steps? Below are step-by-step guidance.  
STEP 1: 
You will receive an invoice issued by CELOVIS via PayPal in your email
Step 2: 
Click “View and Pay Invoice”
Step 3: 
Make sure the content and amount due is correct, and click “Pay Now”.
Step 4-1: 
If you have an account with PayPal, click “Pay with my PayPal account” and proceed with payment. If no, please refer to step 4-2.
Step 4-2:
If you do not have a registered account with PayPal, click “Pay with my credit or debit card”.
Step 5: 
Fill up your credit/ debit card information correctly.
Step 6:
After filling up all the information, click “Review and continue”.
Step 7:
If you have any additional remarks, please click “Note to seller: Add” and fill up (as shown as step 7-1). If no, please skip this step and proceed to step 8. 
Step 7-1: 
Fill up your notes/ remarks, and click “Save”.
Step 8: 
Review your information and click “Pay Now”.
Step 9:
Congratulation! Your payment has been successfully processed. You should receive an email with the results of your recent payment. Please keep the receipt number  for your records. We truly appreciate your business.