Amour Collection - Couple Personalized Bangle/Bracelet [Closed Bangle]
Amour Collection - Couple Personalized Bangle/Bracelet [Closed Bangle]


Amour Collection - Couple Personalized Bangle/Bracelet [Closed Bangle]

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Amour is a French word, means "Love".

Amour Collection serves to craft a couple's love story to bespoke through a pair of personalize bangle that truly represent their love. The undeniable elegance establish the piece as a timeless act to arouse romance.   




This method employs technology to cut or displace the metal, consistently cloning our most popular lettering styles. 

Engrave your love message with your favorite font style. 

1. You're the Keeper of my Heart, [Name]
2. We're Better Together
3. Until the End of Time
4. The beginning of Forever
5. Love Endures All Things
6. The other half of me is you
7. Love of my Life, Man of my Dreams
8. You're the calm to my storm
9. 1 Cor 16:14 Do Everything In Love
10. In your eyes, I find peace.
11. Two Souls, One Heart
12. Our eyes met, our souls danced
13. I knew from the moment I met you...
 14. Meaningful Date (Exp: 200114)
15. Secret Messages that can only understand by both of you 

You may engrave on both surface and inner surface of the bangle.



Multiple Colors are available for you to choose from.




How to Measure My Best Fit Bangle Size? 

Product Details


 S Size: 6mm (Width) x 54mm (Diameter)  x 15.4 cm (Measurement)
 M Size: 6mm (Width) x 60mm (Diameter)  x 17.0 cm (Measurement)
 L Size: 6mm (Width) x 64mm (Diameter)  x 19.0 cm (Measurement)
Jewelry Finish: Polished
Jewelry Metal:  Titanium (Allergy Safe)

What are the differences between titanium and stainless steel? 


What is In the Box? 

2 x Gift Boxes
2 x Lifetime Warranty Cards (Quality Assurance)
2 x Personalized Amour Collection Bangles
2 x Jewelry Polishing Cloths


 Delivery time estimation range between 7 to 14 days. 


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Gold & Matte Black, one of the most popular match amongst couple!

Love engraved by our lovely @nazirahnasir97 & the Bf!

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